Redbox Workshop

Our Story

RedBox Workshop's roots are in the Theater and Scenic Arts, where we create vastly different environments for a wide variety of projects. This variety of experience has formed us into the versatile group we are today, with the emphasis on the team playing and collaboration that is critical for success in the world of theater.

Our further experience in the field of Industrial Design—with its focus on problem solving—equally informs our abilities here at RedBox Workshop. Marrying the two skill sets gleaned from our theater and industrial design experience—namely the ability to collaborate and problem solve—enable us to work on a variety solutions until the best one is developed. Hand and hand with these skills, our experience and versatility in both fields allow us to excel at creating work in a vast array of styles from the realistic/organic spectrum to the stylized/modern spectrum—and all of the spaces in between! Of our 21 years in the business, RedBox Workshop has focused the past 18 on interactive environments for children and their families.

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RedBox Workshop Our Story